Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting so Big

Oh monkey you are getting so big.
We are just a couple of weeks away from your 1st birthday and your development the past few weeks has been tremendous. You are slowly but surely growing on a daily basis and it is just so amazing to watch.

For months mommy has been trying to get you to learn how to clap your hands. Everyday for minutes on end we would try. It got to the point where you would put your hands high in the air and be proud of yourself but for some reason, you just wouldn't clap them together. Then for some reason you woke up one day and just got it. You clapped your hands, smiled and adorable.

Then there is the feeding yourself. We have never tried to get you to do this.....but for some reason you went from depending on us to feed you to not wanting to have any help at all. You want to grab the spoon yourself, feed yourself and then off course occasionally wear your dish as a hat. That one is always popular with mommy. There is truly nothing cuter then an 11 month old baby with a plated of pasta in her hair.

Usually these sort of things are all experienced my mommy first, she films it and then lets me watch it when I get home. It sucks to never get to see these sort of things until after the fact but just to watch you grow is so rewarding.

But......this weekend was beautiful and so daddy decided to take you to the park. On Saturday afternoon we went to the swings for a few minutes and then on Sunday we went for almost 3 hours. The swings were amazing, because you smile from ear to ear and absolutely have a blast but what I enjoyed more was setting you down in the grass for the first time. You were so afraid and freaked out to put your hands down in this new substance. After about 10-15 minutes you got the hang of it and then crawled all over the place. Sprinting through the dandilions, pulling grass out of the ground and then if mommy knew what you were doing with the grass I would never be allowed to take you out alone again.

It was great.

You are growing so fast monkey........daddy's little girl will soon be 1.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

An omen?

Hey there monkey,

Daddy has been so worried lately about the thought of a stranger raising you at a Daycare. Regardless of how we felt mommy and daddy went visiting and found one close to home. The Daycare only spoke french so mommy was a little weary about that plus there were no children around your same age so there were a few negatives but despite that, we visited, read the enclosed material and then called the Daycare worker to enroll you.

Well despite being told that the spot was yours, we were now informed that the available spot was simply given to another child. I admit that we were both upset but is this an omen?

Is it a message that we should not have enrolled you in such a Daycare? Are we better off trying to keep you to be raised by family rather than some strangers? For now I would like to think yes but only time will tell. Until then let's cross our fingers and hope that Auntie Amanda, Grandma and Grandpa Willey and grandma Chow can watch you until the end of the summer.

Love you monkey.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey Monkey,

This weekend saw a huge step in our lives. We visited your potential daycare. I have been worried for months on what we could do with you once mommy is ready to go back to work but it only really hits you when you see your little monkey in the hands of a complete stranger. I always knew that Daycare was the way we had to go but I really don't want to see my little girl raised by an alternative new mom......a stranger. I have no idea how other families do this but I would do anything to allow mommy to stay home with you, maybe work a part time shift somewhere just so that we can teach you the values that be live by. Just so that you do not wrap your arms and find comfort in a complete stranger. I do not think that this is possible for us monkey but I have 2 more months to possibly find a solution to this problem.

Know that we will always love you monkey. That will never change.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

First weekend away

Hey monkey,

Man, you are already 10 months old going on 11 months in just 12 days, how time really flies. Man are you ever growing so quickly, but to be honest I am loving every single minute of it. But with that said, this weekend is the first weekend that we will not be together. I enjoy spending every single second of every day together and it is going to break my heart to not wake up with you on the weekends, to not play with you and enjoy the precious little time we have together. Daddy unfortunately has to work all night Friday, all day Saturday and then for most of Sunday.

Anyway monkey I know you'll never remember thisbut just remember that this entire weekend you will be in my thoughts.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer is here

Hey Monkey,

I just had myself a wonderful weekend. The temperature approached 30 degrees and we were able to go out as a family and just spend some time together. Although the day started slowly when we went to Auntie Amanda's place, we were eventually able to leave. Did our shopping and then went down to the Riverside for a nice walk along the water. Daddy was supposed to stay home and do some house work but with next weekend being a wash because daddy has to work, I wanted to spend some time with you, and it was definitely worth it.

The problem of course is that now daddy has to do double the work in 2 weekends from now and of course because of the temperature change, you are now a sick little monkey. Your nose is running badly, you have developed a little cough, and sleeping has become a chore unto itself. This summer is going to be great little one. Although you were around last year, you were so small that we really could not do too much. This year we are planning some big things. Lake James, Toronto, maybe even going away to the Caribbean for a bit. Heres hoping to a great summer monkey.

I love you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There is no greater joy.....

.......Then to sit down with your daughter and mutually enjoy the same thing. It appears as though you are truly becoming a fan of hockey. Last night was game 3 of the Montreal Vs Boston series and although the game did not turn out as expected it really doesn't matter because we spent some time watching it together. I am not sure what it is but you really seem to get up and start to scream when a hockey game comes across our TV.

Yesterday I decided that it was time to teach you the charge chant. Da na na na na naaaaaaa..........Charge. Da na na na na naaaaaaa........charge. Da na na na, da na na na, da na na na, da na na na na naaaaaaa....charge. Well monkey by the third time of doing this, you seemed to catch on because with your Montreal Canadians towel in your left hand waiving it in the air.....daddy would start it off......Da na na na na naaaaaaa..........and yes you would follow up with a cute little chaaaaaaa. At least that is what I think you said. You must have done this for a good 10 minutes, lunging your left hand forward and throwing out a Chaaaaaa......every time it came to the crucial part of the chant. Such a simple little thing, but certainly something that brought me lots of joy.......

I absolutely love the fact that Daddy can bring his little girl to the games and that we can both enjoy it. Now we gotta work on mommy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer is around the corner

Hey Monkey,

t looks like summer is right around the corner. You were born in June of last year so never really got to enjoy a Montreal summer. This will be your first. There is truly nothing like spending a summer is Montreal. The weather, the festivals, the people, the food, the truly is a wonderful place to be. I cannot wait to go to the park with you, to go to old Montreal, to la Ronde (OK maybe not this year). Auntie Amanda and the boys are even trying to plan a trip to the 6 Flags theme park in Lake James, NY so you can visit the Looney Tunes characters. This will truly be a great summer for us all.

Until then it feels great to have you our of your snow suit, out of those big bulky sweaters and allowing you to feel the warm Montreal sun on your cheeks. If the weather is nice maybe this weekend we can take a bicycle ride to the island where we can stop for a piknik? I can;t wait to see you crawling around in the grass for the first time.

Anyway monkey I am so excited to think we can spend a first summer together. You, me and mommy, together.